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6X Comparator and Reticle Sets

Straight Line Scale
English/Metric Line Scale

Straight Line Scale

English/Metric Line Scale

  • Clear Base Admits Light
  • Superior Optical Design
  • High Power, Wide Field

Excellent for determining paper quality and ink absorption. The transparent acrylic base rests directly on work for clear, close-up examinations. Base admits light to subject under view. Twist focus with lock-ring for permanent setting. Contact reticle adapter ring on base accepts all 27mm diameter reticles. Nylon case is sold separately.

Reticle Descriptions

#32-810 Straight Line Scale: Straight line scale for critical measurement in inches. 0 to 0.75" scale in 0.005" increments, numbered every 0.025 increments.

#39-458 English/Metric Line Scale: Versatile measurement, straight line scale with metric and inch scales. Metric top line 0 to 15mm in 0.1mm increments. English bottom line 0 to 0.60" in 0.01" increments.