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Defense Optics

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Defense Optics are less expensive, commercial-off-the-shelf alternatives to custom components. Defense Optical components are ideal for integration into a variety of applications within the defense or security industries. Defense Optics consists of a wide range of optical components, such as optical lenses, laser windows, laser prisms, or optical testing tools. Defense Optics includes a variety of COTS products that are cost-efficient choices for a large number of applications’ needs.

Edmund Optics offers the world’s largest inventory of commercial-off-the-shelf optical components that are available for immediate shipping. COTS Lenses are available in a range of substrates or with a variety of anti-reflection coating options. COTS Filters are available for use in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared. COTS Prisms are designed to reflect light at fixed angles. COTS Beamsplitters are designed to split incident light into two beams, determined by wavelength, intensity, or polarization state. COTS Windows are ideal for protecting sensitive electronic components or workplaces.

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