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Broadband Variable Ultrafast Pulse Compressors

  • Negative Group Delay Dispersion for Wavelength Ranges as Broad as 650-1350nm with Minimal Third Order Dispersion
  • High Efficiency of up to 95% with No Beam Path Deviation
  • No Calibration Required
  • Additional Wavelength Options Available
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Broadband Variable Ultrafast Pulse Compressors provide an easy-to-use solution for compensating group delay dispersion (GDD) in positively chirped or unchirped ultrafast laser pulses. Featuring a broad compensation range from 650 up to 1350nm, these compressors support the most common ultrafast laser lines, including Ti:Sapphire and Yb:doped fiber lasers. Broadband Variable Ultrafast Pulse Compressors serve as a drop-in solution for variable dispersion compensation without deviation of the optical path. These pulse compressors are ideal for dispersion compensation when using ultra-broadband laser sources, and can be used with Variable Ultrafast Pulse Stretchers with similar wavelength coverage for chirped-pulsed amplifier systems.