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Coherent® StingRay™ Developer's Kit

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Coherent StingRay Developers Kit

  • Includes 660 and 520nm StingRay™ Lasers
  • Ideal for Experimentation and Prototyping
  • Enables Quick Evaluation of Structured Light Laser System
  • Individual StingRay™ Laser Diodes Available

The Coherent StingRay™ Developer's Kit is designed to enable end users, integrators, researchers and educational labs to evaluate numerous configurations and quickly determine the appropriate structured laser light that best fits their application. A robust assortment of optical heads for the included 660 and 520nm StingRay™ Lasers allows for a wide variety of structured light options. While leveraging the reliability and flexibility of Coherent StingRay™ lasers, the Coherent StingRay™ Developer’s Kit enables users to quickly and easily configure, setup, and obtain data from their system.

Technical Information

Contents of Kit

  • 660nm, 100mW StingRay Laser
  • 520nm, 50mW StingRay Laser
  • CDRH Laser Controller
  • CDRH Controller Power Supply
  • StingRay Heat Sink Mount
  • USB Cable
  • Focus Lock Tool
  • 30° Standard Focus Line (Red)
  • 30° Extended Focus Line (Red)
  • 30° Standard Focus Line (Green)
  • 30° Extended Focus Line (Green)
  • 30° Standard Focus 3-Line (Red)
  • 45° Cross Hair (Green)
  • 19 Dot Standard Focus (Red)
  • 10° Extended Focus Line(Green)