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Variable Ultrafast Pulse Stretchers


Variable Ultrafast Pulse Stretchers provide an easy-to-use solution for compensating group delay dispersion (GDD) in negatively chirped or unchirped ultrafast laser pulses. Featuring high reflectivity coatings designed to cover most common ultrafast laser lines including Ti:Sapphire, Yb:doped Fiber Lasers, and Mid-IR Lasers, these stretchers serve as a drop-in solution for variable dispersion compensation without deviation of the optical path. These stretcher modules may be used in series with other Broadband Variable Ultrafast Pulse Compressors or Variable Ultrafast Compressors to achieve greater dispersion control. Variable Ultrafast Pulse Stretchers are convenient for pulse stretching when bulk media is not an ideal option. These stretchers can also be used with Variable Ultrafast Pulse Compressors with similar wavelength coverage for chirped-pulsed amplifier systems.