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Mitutoyo Tube Lenses

MT-2 Accessory Tube Lens, #56-863

MT-2 Accessory Tube Lens, #56-863 MT-1 Accessory Tube Lens, #54-774

These tube lenses function as secondary lenses to form an image using any of the Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Objectives, and are economical alternatives to the FS70 Microscope or Infinitube® In-line Assembly Unit. A number of options are available, depending upon system requirements. The MT-4 and MT-40 are designed for end-user integration, and can easily be used with any C-Mount camera with our Mitutoyo C-Mount Camera Extension Tube #56-992. The MT-4 Tube Lens is recommended for use with Objectives from 1X to 20X Magnification, while the MT-40 is recommended for use with Objectives with >20X Magnification. The MT-1 Tube Lens permits the introduction of a beamsplitter to the imaging path, allowing for a custom in-line illumination system. The MT-2 Tube Lens is very similar to the MT-1, but with an effective focal length of 400mm, providing twice the stated magnification for any of the Mitutoyo objectives. The MT-L and MT-L4 lenses are designed for the M Plan NUV and M Plan UV series of objectives, respectively. NIR and zoom tube lenses are also available through our line of Precision Zoom Lenses.