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Infrared (IR) Shortpass Filters

  • ≥85% Average Transmission over a Broad Infrared Wavelength Range
  • OD ≥3.0 Blocking Across Rejection Band
  • Common Wavelengths for Environmental and Medical Applications

Infrared (IR) Shortpass Filters are designed to provide ≥85% average transmission across their transmission band and OD ≥3.0 blocking across their rejection band. With cut-off wavelengths ranging from 3.95 to 13.3μm, these shortpass filters provide coverage across the IR spectrum. Featuring durable coatings and optical-quality Silicon and Germanium substrates, these filters can withstand normal cleaning and handling associated with high-quality optical components. Infrared (IR) Shortpass Filters are ideal for a wide range of imaging and detection applications in environmental sciences, life sciences, and medical diagnostics. These filters can be used in combination with Infrared (IR) Longpass Filters to create custom bandwidth filters and fine tune optical systems.