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TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

Machine Vision Filter Kits

  • 9 Machine Vision Filters with M25.5 or M30.5 Threading
  • Center Wavelengths from 330nm to 880nm
  • High Transmission Up to 96%
  • Individual Machine Vision Filters also Available

TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filter Kits include all nine TECHSPEC Machine Vision Filter options with wavelengths spanning the UV, Visible, and NIR spectra. The included filters are designed for use with common LED wavelengths and provide superior blocking compared to traditional filters. These filter kits are available in two versions: one with M25.5 threaded filters and the other with M30.5 threaded filters. TECHSPEC Machine Vision Filter Kits are ideal for prototyping machine vision applications to determine which filter most improves image contrast. Individual machine vision filters in additional thread sizes from M22.5 to M62.0 are also available.