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Near-UV (NUV) Achromatic Lenses

  • Excellent Transmission in 345 – 700nm Range
  • Ideal for use with NUV LEDs and Mercury Lamps
  • Low-Cost, Cemented Design

TECHSPEC® Near-UV (NUV) Achromatic Lenses are specifically designed to minimize the spot size for polychromatic illumination in the 345 – 700nm region. The achromatic lenses are ideal for use in fluorescence applications, as well as for simple focusing of common UV light sources, such as Mercury Arc Lamps, UV LEDs, and Tripled Nd:YAG lasers.  Featuring a simple cemented design, the lenses are an excellent alternative to air-spaced doublets and triplets for the UV. TECHSPEC® Near-UV (NUV) Achromatic Lenses feature >90% transmission at 360nm and provide >50% transmission at 334nm. The lenses feature either N-FK5 or F2HT substrate and a UV-VIS coating.