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Optics Packaging

Optics Packaging

Optics Packaging 2.75 1.75 1.75 +8
  • Glassine Bags, Jewel Boxes, and Cloth Pouches for General Optics
  • Non-Contact Impact Cases for Laser and Precision Optics
  • Ideal for Storing or Transporting Optics

Optics Packaging is used to safely store and protect optics against environmental or incidental damage when not in use. Glassine bags, cloth pouches, and jewel boxes are available for storing uncoated or coated optics including lenses, mirrors, and filters. Non-contact impact cases designed to hold optics only by their bevels to prevent contact with the optical surfaces are available for more sensitive optics such as laser optics. Optics Packaging is ideal for prolonging the life of optics when used in conjunction with optics handling supplies.

Note: Non-contact impact cases are designed to hold optics with a specific size and thickness. Smaller optics will not be securely held which may result in damage.