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Precision Parabolic Reflectors

  • Precision Polished Substrate
  • Protected Aluminum and Cold Mirror Coating Options
  • Ideal for Highly Divergent Light Sources
  • Precision Ellipsoidal Reflectors Also Available

Precision Parabolic Reflectors are ideal for collimating a light source placed at the focal point of the mirror. The parabolic profile eliminates spherical aberration, allowing the light source to maintain its wavefront characteristics. These Precision Parabolic Reflectors feature very low f/#s, making them ideal for highly divergent light sources. The protected aluminum coating features broadband high reflection through the visible and IR spectra. The cold mirror coating reflects visible light while transmitting NIR, making it ideal for cold condensing applications.

Precision Parabolic Reflectors are precision polished, yielding exact aspheric profiles. These mirrors offer improved thermal stability and superior focusing efficiency versus commercially available press-molded reflectors. Typical applications include use as steppers for PCB, LCD, or PDP production, solar simulators, fiber optic illuminators, and projectors.

Technical Information

Dimensional Specifications
Diameter Focal Length f Center Hole Diameter d Height H Stock No.
100mm 12.5mm 45mm #90-964
19mm 30mm 32mm #68-791
152mm 17mm 30mm 79mm #68-792
30mm 35mm 47mm #90-965
220mm 100mm 33mm #68-793
300mm 42mm 130mm #90-966