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Quartz Fiber Optic Light Guides

  • Designed for UV Applications
  • Maximize Transmission Efficiency
  • Multiple Core Sizes Available

Quartz Fiber Optic Light Guides are designed for ultraviolet applications. These economical, industrial grade UV light guides will show some fluorescence at 245nm and darken in gamma or X-ray environments. These plastic-clad quartz fibers provide maximum transmittance efficiency due to the 10:1 core/clad ratio and high flexibility from the small fiber diameter. Quartz Fiber Optic Light Guides’ sheathing is PVC-covered monocoil; terminations are stainless steel. Light guide adapters (not included) are needed to mate with fiber optic illuminators
The correct adapter will depend on the tip diameter of the light guide. Fibers #38-954 and #38-955 use #38-943.

Technical Information

Length A B C D Stock No.
36.0" 0.062" 0.205" 0.190" 0.187" #38-954
36.0" 0.125" 0.312" 0.268" 0.187" #38-955
36.0" 0.250" 0.468" 0.430" 0.312" #38-956