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Veluminum™ Panels

Veluminum™ Panels

  • Engineered Anodized Aluminum Surfaces to Reduce Reflectivity
  • High Absorbance of Visible Light
  • 25.4mm Dia. for Integration into Benchtop Systems

Veluminum™ Panels feature engineered anodized aluminum surfaces with a surface morphology that reduces reflectivity of incident light. The Veluminum treated surfaces have high absorbance of visible light and high durability compared to carbon nanotube deposition. Veluminum technology is ideal for mitigating stray light in systems involving cameras, microscopes, laser systems, and optical instruments. For example, this technology can be applied to complex geometries and interior surfaces, such as extension tubes or lens barrels to reduce stray light. These Veluminum Panels can be used as beam dumps with low power visible lasers or to prototype performance for use of the technology in custom optical assemblies.

Customized Veluminum™ Treatment of Metal Surfaces:  Please contact us for custom Veluminum™ solutions for imaging, microscopy, and laser systems. 

Note: While more durable than other blackening technologies, the Veliminum™ treated surfaces are sensitive to mechanical contact.  Avoid touching these surfaces to ensure best performance.