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Ruggedized Imaging Systems for Harsh Environments

The growth of automation has introduced machine vision lenses to more harsh environments involving shock, vibration, contaminants, and temperature swings.

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Reflective Optics for Laser Applications

Beam Conditioning Optics for UV, IR, and Broadband Lasers

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Single-Material Aspheric Achromats

Single-Material Aspheric Achromats correct chromatic aberrations with a unique geometry, leading to numerous benefits over conventional achromatic lenses.

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Extreme Ultraviolet Optics

Pushing Optics to the Extreme

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing rapid prototyping, IP protection, and the job market in the optics industry

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Cinema Lenses, The Age of Streaming, and Aspheres

Cinema lenses designed to create content tailored for online streaming utilize aspheres to shoot with a shallow depth of field while maintaining quality.

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Ultraviolet Lasers

A new generation of small, cost-effective, CW ultraviolet (UV) lasers allows more applications to move to UV wavelengths for increased power and precision.

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