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25mm Diameter 45° Mirror/ Beamsplitter Mount


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Type of Optics:
Size of Compatible Optics (mm):
25.0 - 25.4
Black Anodized Aluminum
Type of Accessory:
45° Mirror Mount
Size of Compatible Mount (mm):
25.0/25.4 Circular Optical Mounts

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Compatible with TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts
  • Range of Accessories for Cube and Plate Beamsplitters
  • Additional Adjustment Lead Screws, Locking Nuts, and Hardware
  • Adapters for Plate Mounting
  • Compatible with English/Metric Equivalent Component Sizes

TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mount Accessories are used to increase the versatility of TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts.

25mm Cube Beamsplitter Adapter (#58-877)

This adapter is for mounting a 25mm cube beamsplitter into a 25/25.4mm TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mount (#58-851 or #58-854). The adapter is placed in the kinematic mount aperture and is secured using the mount’s set screw. Two set screws are included in the adapter, for securely mounting the cube beamsplitter.

25mm Diameter 45°Mirror/ Beamsplitter Mount (#58-878)

This mount can install a 25.4mm or 25mm circular mirror or beamsplitter into a 25/25.4mm TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mount (#58-851 or #58-854) at a 45° angle. The mount design retains the open aperture through the kinematic mounts, increasing versatility in beam splitting applications. The mount is placed in the kinematic mount aperture and is secured using the kinematic mount’s set screw. A set screw and two nylon contact points are used to securely mount a beamsplitter or mirror in the mount.

Horizontal Plate Adapters (#58-879, #58-880, #58-885)

Horizontal Plate Adapters are used to orient a kinematic mount so that the mounting aperture is facing upwards. The adapter is secured using the kinematic mounts integrated counterbored mounting holes. The Horizontal Plate Adapters feature tapped mounting holes for direct mounting on a Stainless Steel Mounting Post. Adapters #58-879 and #58-880 feature either 8-32 or M4 tapped mounting holes, respectively, and are used for 12.5/12.7mm and 25/25.4mm TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts. Adapter #58-885 features both 8-32 and M4 tapped mounting holes, and is used for 50/50.8mm TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts. The adapters have a common 12mm thickness.

Note: Adjustment Screw for 50/50.8mm Kinematic Mounts #58-882 is designed specifically for use with 50/50.8mm TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts and T-Mount TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts. If used with other size kinematic mounts, it will damage the springs used in the mount.