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6g Premeasured Packet of Electrical Grade Epolite FH-5313 Epoxy

6g Premeasured Packet of Epolite FH-5313 Epoxy

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Size (oz):
0.2 (Total)
Cure Time:
5 hours @ 5°C
1 hour @ 50°C
Viscosity (cps):
Shelf Life:
12 months after opening
Premeasured Packet

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 223:

Product Family Description

  • Two Part Epoxy
  • Optical and Electrical Grade
  • Cures at Room Temperature

Epolite FH-5313 Epoxy is a two-part optical and electrical grade epoxy that cures at room temperature. This epoxy comes with either an optical hardener, for optical applications requiring high transmission through the cured epoxy, or an electrical hardener, for electrical applications such as potting and encapsulation. Both epoxies feature low outgassing, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance, and are designed for continuous operation at temperatures up to 93°C. Epolite FH-5313 Epoxy is ideal for bonding glass, metal, or plastic and is available in either premeasured 6g packs, or kits containing 16 oz. of resin and 2 oz. of hardener with 6 droppers included for application.