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25mm Dia. Filter Holder/Retainer

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#16-089: 25mm Dia. Filter Holder/Retainer

#16-089: 25mm Dia. Filter Holder/Retainer

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Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • High Resolution Design for up to 35mm Sensors
  • 0X – 4X Macro and 4X – 16X Micro Configurations
  • Internally Focuses from 18mm to Infinity

The InfiniProbe™ TS-160 Universal Macro/Micro System is a universal lens system that redefines on-the-go adaptability. The InfiniProbe™ TS-160 Universal Macro/Micro System is designed to transform almost any machine vision, scientific-grade, or DSLR camera into an ultra-portable, continuously-focusable microscope that is ideal for forensic, industrial, or biological applications such as entomological microscopy. Additionally, the TS-160 is optimized for up to 35mm sensors and is compatible with CS, C, T, and F-mount cameras. To maximize adaptability, the TS-160 can internally focus from 18mm to infinity and internally accept any 25mm filter. When not being used in the field, the TS-160 can be mounted to stands or fixtures for use in the lab. InfiniLight™ adapters are available for mounting popular brand-name flash units directly onto the TS-160.

Note: InfiniProbe TS-160 includes a macro objective. Micro HM Objective (#16-114) sold separately. 

The InfiniProbe™ TS-160 Universal Macro/Micro System also features an integrated adjustable iris diaphragm to provide depth of field and aperture control. Similar to the iris in a microscope’s condenser, the TS-160’s variable iris also allows for user control of contrast. After focusing, the variable iris is used to set the point in which contrast and resolution appear best matched. To control depth of field, adjust the distance between the lens and the object.

Technical Information

Objective Magnification (all cover 35mm Sensor)
Macro (One T24 Tube)
Micro (One T24 Tube)
WD (mm) Magnification FOV (mm)* WD (mm) Magnification FOV (mm)*
32 4.00X 9.0 18 16.00X 2.25
66 2.00X 18.0 22 8.00X 4.5
139 1.00X 36.0 28 4.00X 9.0
284 0.50X 72.0 48 2.00X 18.0
600 0.24X 150 85 1.00X 36.0
1000 0.15X 240 155 0.50X 72.0
2000 0.07X 514 300 0.25X 144
3000 0.05X 720 600 0.12X 300
1000 0.07X 514
2000 0.04X 900
3000 0.02X 1800

*FOV based on 35mm format (36mm horizontally). For formats other than 35mm: Divide magnification into the sensor's horizontal dimension. For example, 17.3mm x 13mm Sensor: 17.3mm/4x = 4.3mm & 13mm/4x = 3.3mm FOV.