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Lights and Illumination

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Illumination is used to light an object or area to ensure visibility for imaging applications. Illumination consists of several types of light including LED, Fiber Optic, or Fluorescent that illuminates work environments in different ways. The variety of Illumination offered allows for compatibility with nearly any Illumination requirement. Fluorescent Illumination offers excellent, price sensitive lighting options, while LED Illumination provides stable, uniform light ideal for many applications. Fiber Optic Illumination is directed through light guides.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Illumination products suited for many lighting needs. In addition to the types of lighting available, many Illumination products are also available such as backlights, ring lights, spot lights, or line lights. These illuminators transmit light in specific ways that are ideal for a number of applications. A selection of illumination accessories is also available such as mounting adapters or replacement light guides for additional functionality or replacement needs.