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Edmund Optics® is proud to be a global distribution partner of SCHOTT and provides over 9,500 components made from their optical glass materials. SCHOTT is an international technology group active in the areas of specialty glasses and glass-ceramics. They have more than 135 years of experience developing materials and technology and offer a broad portfolio of high-quality products and intelligent solutions that enable end user success. Today, SCHOTT’s Advanced Optics unit is a trailblazer for various applications with a product portfolio of over 120 optical products such as active laser glass, IR-Materials, and ceramic converters. They have developed customized solutions using their technology all over the world for applications in optics, lithography, astronomy, opto-electronics, life sciences, augmented reality, research, and more. SCHOTT Advanced Optics masters the entire value chain: from customer-specific glass development and its production all the way to high-precision optical product finishing, processing and measurement. Edmund Optics and SCHOTT have worked together for over 30 years to supply the optical community with precision SCHOTT-enabled components and together will continue to provide exceptional optical products.

Better Together
New Partnership. New Possibilities.

June 17, 2020
Edmund Optics® and SCHOTT have formed a strategic partnership offering SCHOTT’s high quality polished optical filters combined with excellent customer service and fast shipping of Edmund Optics®

This partnership allows customers fast and easy access to components using SCHOTT materials for both standard and custom designs in small and larger volumes in Europe enabling flexible solutions by applying Edmund Optics leading service to a larger product range. Here you find the full press release and video showing the virtual handshake and signature of the contract.

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  Large global inventory of components manufactured from SCHOTT materials available for same-day shipping.
  World-class 24-hour engineering support on these products via phone, chat, or email.
 Custom manufacturing of lenses, filters, prisms, and other optical components from an extensive inventory of SCHOTT materials.

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