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I’m looking for a way to invert my field of view. I’d like to invert the vertical not the horizontal dimension. Do you have a stock solution or do I have to look into custom?

Yes, we do have a stock lens solution for this. Cylinder Lenses placed one in front of the other, at the right distances, will invert the vertical dimension while maintaining the orientation of the horizontal. By taking two positive cylinder lenses and separating them by the sum of their focal distances, you will achieve a system that inverts the image without reversing it. The downside is that the resultant image isn’t very sharp which is what one would expect from what is basically a really inexpensive, one-dimensional Keplerian telescope.

Another, much simpler option is to use a Dove Prism. Dove prisms are used in binocular and telescopic systems to invert images in exactly the way mentioned. It's a simple, one-piece solution to your problem. It requires no focusing and is not as expensive as two cylinder lenses; but it is much bulkier than two cylinder lenses and would have to be placed very close one’s eye in order to work.

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