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Diamond FLQ-Series Power Supply

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Diamond FLQ-Series Power Supply, #36-622

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Dimensions (mm):
230 x 127 x 40.5

Regulatory Compliance


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Product Family Description

  • Single Mode Beam Quality for Ultra-Fine Marking
  • High Peak Power up to 10kW
  • Repetition Rates Between 20-100kHz

Coherent® Diamond FLQ-Series Fiber Lasers are pulsed lasers that deliver ultra-fine, crisp marks for laser marking applications on metal and plastic surfaces. These fiber lasers have a fast-turn on time and a high peak power at repetition rates between 20-100kHz, maximizing their production throughput and marking capability. The Diamond FLQ-Series offers high process repeatability due to their industry-leading pulse-to-pulse energy stability. Coherent® Diamond FLQ-Series Fiber Lasers are pumped by a maintenance-free, single-emitter laser diode and are designed to have no bleed-through power between laser pulses to prevent lines and material damage. These efficient fiber lasers are ideal for marking, engraving, and micro-machining applications.

Note: Power supply (#36-622) sold separately and required for operation. An optional Diagnostic Controller (#36-621) that provides an interface to control the laser from a computer through USB connection is also available and sold separately.